My name is Andrei Bârsan. I'm a Computer Science Master's student at ETH Zürich, focusing on machine learning, artificial intelligence and information retrieval.

I recently finished an internship on Twitter's Performance Ads team, working with Scala atop Apache Storm and Hadoop. I helped develop the system tasked with integrating Twitter into its advertising partners' campaign management dashboards.

In the summer of 2014 I interned at Google NYC. I was part of the Data Protection Team within Google, and I helped developed a system for performing security-oriented static analysis of Bash scripts.

In the summer of 2013 I was an intern at Microsoft working in the Server and Tools Business division. I performed the security and reliability analysis of a web service which was part of the Microsoft Azure portal.

Email me at andrei.ioan.barsan@gmail.com.

Find me on GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter or LinkedIn.

My side projects include:

  • Yeti, an OpenGL 3D game engine with forward and deferred rendering support, real time shadow mapping and more
  • µShell, an experimental, simple, lightweight, free POSIX shell implementation written in C++
  • A secret Unity Game Dev Project (Early Design Phase)